Saturday, October 12, 2013


Soultry was an R&B group from Arizona. Not much information is given about them, but they were signed to Motown Records.

In 1995, they released their self-titled debut album. It's unknown how or if the album made the charts at all.
The first single released from the album "Cash Money" didn't appear to make the Billboard music charts at all.
The second single "I'll Get Mine" peaked at #93 on Billboard's Hot R&B Singles chart, staying on the chart for only 6 weeks and became their only chart appearance on the Billboard charts.
The last single from the album "Where Do Broken Hearts Belong" failed to make any impact on the charts. After that, it seemed as if Soultry faded into obscurity. Nothing much has been heard from them since.

To see the music video for "Cash Money," go to:

To see the music video for "I'll Get Mine," go to:

To see a fan-made video for "Where Do Broken Hearts Belong," go to:

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