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Waterlillies were a male-female dance/electronica/pop/trip hop duo from the '90s that consisted of instrumentalist/producer Ray Carroll and singer Jill Alikas St. Thomas.
In 1992, the duo released their debut album "Envoluptuousity" on Sire Records. It's unknown how or if the album made any impact on the charts at all.
The only single released was "Tired of You." It's unknown how the song charted, but a music video was made for it.
In 1994, Waterlillies released their sophomore album "Tempted" which didn't appear to make the Billboard 200 at all.

The title song managed to peak at #4 on Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart.
The second single, a remix of the song "Never Get Enough" by music producer Junior Vasquez topped Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart for a week in April of 1995 and #40 on Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales chart.

After that, it seemed as if Waterlillies faded into obscurity.

These days, Jill is the head of the music department at the HSBAcademy in Nosara, Costa Rica. She has been in various music projects such as The Flower Sermon, Suicide Lounge, Lizard's Lounge and most recently Sonic Fleur.

Before working at the HSBAcademy, Jill worked in the United States as a teacher's aid for Kindergarten through 2nd grade with a focus on advanced reading & comprehension, & has also worked as a cheerleading and vocal coach for 15 years. She is also active in fundraising and coordinating events for eco-based initiatives.

Ray Carroll has produced music for artists such as Madonna and Depeche Mode, but nothing much has been heard from him since 2005.

To see the music video for "Tired of You," go to:

To see a fan-made video for "Never Get Enough," go to:

To see a fan-made video for "Tempted," go to:


bonnie bianco said...

Can i guess the graphic artwork was banned in many places ?

Neil Palik said...

Oh my God you found out information about them. I adored ( still do) their work. Heavily influenced me in mixing my own CD. I would die to work with Ray Carroll. Thanks for the page on them