Saturday, March 23, 2013

No Half

No Half was a hip-hop duo that consisted of Mark Sexx (born Mark Skeete) and Kavon Shah (born Shawn Tyrone). They merged social commentary hardcore with explicit party rap.

In 1990, the duo released their only album "Wake Your Daughter Up" which peaked at #73 on Billboard's R&B Albums chart.

Their first single "Strictly Rated X, Y'All" which didn't appear to make the Billboard charts at all.
The second single "Half" (featuring Ed Lover) peaked at #47 on Billboard's Hot Black Singles chart, staying on the chart for 9 weeks.
The last single from the album "Fake Hair Wearin'" (featuring the 2 Live Crew) failed to make any impact on the Billboard charts at all.

No Half released two more singles: "Payback (Is a Mutha)" in 1993 and "No Brothas Allowed" in 1994 before fading into obscurity.

Kavon Shah worked with the Soul Society who remixed songs for artists such as En Vogue, Lil' Kim, Busta Rhymes, Noreaga, Ray J., Syleena Johnson, Old Dirty Bastard, Tweet and Yolanda Adams.

Kavon has also written songs for Public Enemy. Mark Sexx also wrote and produced songs during the early '90s.

To see the music video for "Half," go to:

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