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Ileana (born Ileana Holland) is a female dance\freestyle\pop singer from the late 80s. She grew up in a musical family; her parents were a Latin music group called Los Deltos while Ileana and her sisters performed as singers & dancers (under the name The Sound City Girls) on a Puerto-Rican television show, "The Nydia Caro Show."

Ileana later moved on to join a group called Triple Exposure with her husband, Glen. She also performed in the Disneyland house band, Krash.
In 1989, Ileana released her self-titled debut album on Telarc Records, which didn't appear to make the Billboard charts.
The only single released from the album, "Ay, Ay, Ay (Si Papi)" was released, but didn't appear to make the charts. After that, it seemed as if Ileana had faded into obscurity.

According to the Isle of Deserted Pop Stars blog, Illeana has continued to perform as the lead singer for corporate & wedding band, Soulville. She has also done commercials and television work along with being the lead arranging vocalist for the "American Idol" live shows.

To see a fan-made video for "Ay, Ay, Ay (Si Papi)," go to:

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