Monday, January 7, 2013

Rosie Vela

Rosie Vela (born Roseanne Vela on December 18, 1954 in Galveston, Texas) is a female pop singer and former model from the 1980s.

Rosie started playing the piano when she was 6 years old and studied classical music for 11 years. As a teen, she moved to Little Rock, Arkansas and attended the University of Arkansas where she studied music & art.

While attending the school, Rosie met & fell in love with a musician, Jimmy Roberts, whom she later married, but a few months later, Jimmy sadly passed away from cancer.

During college, she posed for fashion shots that eventually found their way to an agent in New York. Rosie moved to New York and began working as a full-time model.

She appeared in advertisements for Against Gravitee, Burlington, Callaghan, Chantilly Perfume, Coty, Cutex, Elizabeth Arden, Gianni Versace, Gloria Vandervilt by Murjani, Halston, Hubert Latimer, Mario Valentino, Marionat, Max Factor, Monet, Neiman Marcus, Oscar de La Renta, Pantene, Revlon, Taroni, Valentino, Versace, and Virginia Slims.

Rosie appeared on the covers of Elle, Vogue, and New Woman.  She has even appeared in movies such as "Heaven's Gate," "The Two Gates," and "Inside Edge." She also appeared in television advertisements for Michelob, Maybelline, and Cadillac Seville.

Later on, Rosie turned her attention to music and & built herself a home recording studio for herself. She ended up signing a record deal with A&M Records. She produced her debut album with Gary Katz (who is best known for working with Steely Dan).
In 1986, Rosie released her only album, "Zazu." The album didn't appear to make the charts in the United States, but it managed to chart at #20 on the UK Albums chart.
The first single, "Magic Smile" peaked at #27 on the UK Singles chart in January of 1987, staying on the chart for 8 weeks. In the United States, the single peaked at #29 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart.

The single was certified Silver by the BPI in March of 1987.
Two more singles: "Interlude" and "Fool's Paradise" were released, but it's unknown how or if they made the charts at all.

Rosie's second album was completed, but it was never released due to an unsympathetic record company. 

In the 90s, she began working on her third album, but it was postponed due to her becoming a backing vocalist for the Electric Light Orchestra. 

Rosie sang backup vocals on ELO's 2001 album, "Zoom," and performed as a member of ELO during their first concerts in 15 years.

According to further research, she resides in Los Angeles, California and has resumed modeling on an occasional basis.

To see the music video for "Magic Touch," go to:

To see the music video for "Interlude," go to:


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