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Donna Lewis

Donna Lewis (born Donna Maree Lewis on August 6, 1973 in Cardiff, Wales, UK) is a female pop singer\songwriter from the 90s. Donna began playing the piano when she was 6 years old and as a young teen, she began writing songs thanks to the inspiration of her jazz pianist father.

Donna studied at the Welsh College of Music and Drama & majored in composition for piano and flute. After teaching music in Sussex for a year, she moved to Birmingham to sing in a bar band and during that time, she set up her own studio & began recording her own songs.

In late 1993, Donna began shopping her demo tape around and jumped at the opportunity to sign with American record label, Atlantic Records.

In May of 1996, Donna released her debut album, "Now in a Minute" which peaked at #31 on the Billboard 200 and #6 on Billboard's Heatseekers Albums chart.
Donna's first single "I Love You Always Forever" became a hit, peaking at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, #1 on Billboard's Top 40 Mainstream chart in August of 1996, #2 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart & #1 on Billboard's Adult Pop Songs chart in October of 1996. 

The song also peaked at #2 on Billboard's Rhythmic Top 40 and #20 on Billboard's Hot Dance Music\Maxi-Singles Sales chart. It stayed at #2 on the Hot 100 for 9 weeks, becoming tied for 4th place among songs with the longest runs at #2.

The song also topped Billboard's Hot 100 Airplay chart. In the U.K., the song peaked at #5 on the U.K. Singles chart. It was certified Gold in the U.S., France, Germany, and Norway.
The follow-up single, "Without Love" peaked at #41 on the Billboard Hot 100 & #36 on Billboard's Adult Top 40 chart in February of 1997, #24 on Billboard's Top 40 Mainstream chart in January of 1997. It also peaked at #39 on the U.K. Singles chart.
Another single, "Fool's Paradise" peaked at #169 on the U.K. Singles chart, but did not appear to chart anywhere else.
In 1997, Donna was featured on the "Anastasia" movie soundtrack with Richard Marx on the track, "At the Beginning" which peaked at #45 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #2 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart.
In July of 1998, Donna released her second album, "Blue Planet" which didn't appear to make the Billboard 200.
The only single to chart was "Love Him" which topped Billboard's Hot Dance Music\Club Play singles chart in November of 1998. After that, Donna departed from Atlantic Records. During the early 2000s, she was featured as a guest vocalist on several trance/house music recordings.
In 2002, Donna released her third album, "Be Still" independently on her own label, Peruzzi Records and is available on her official website.
In 2008, Donna released her fourth and latest album to date, "In the Pink" and the first single, "Shout" appeared on the soundtrack to the Marian Quinn film, "32A." She also sang lead vocals for her side project, Chute. They released their debut EP in April 2010. In May of 2012, she released the single, "Always It's You" with Hywel Jones.
In March of 2015, Donna released her fifth album "Brand New Day" (her first full-length album in nearly a decade). She is currently working on a new EP with music producer Ryan Farish.

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