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Samantha Cole

Samantha Cole (born on October 31, 1978 from Southhampton, New York) is a female pop singer from the 90s. She took music lessons and performed in bands during her early teen years.

Samantha earned her big break when she appeared on the MTV dance show "The Grind" which later led her to becoming a regular performer at Tatou in New York City.

While at Tatou, she met some executives from EMI Records and she afterwards cut some demos. Within 2 weeks, Samantha signed a record deal with Universal Records.
In 1997, Samantha released her only self-titled album which didn't appear to make the Billboard 200 chart at all.
The first single "Happy With You" peaked at #78 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it her only chart appearance in the United States.
The follow-up singles "Without You" and "You Light Up My Life" were released, but didn't make the charts at all.

In 2004, "Without You" was covered by American Idol singers Kimberley Locke and Clay Aiken which topped the charts in Asia.
In 2001, Samantha was featured on reggae singer Shaggy's song, "Luv Me Luv Me." Janet Jackson's vocals were originally on the track, but they were later re-recorded by Samantha after Janet didn't allow Shaggy to use her vocals on the song.

Even though the song didn't chart in the U.S., it managed to peak at #5 on the U.K. Singles chart. In 2002, Samantha teamed up with Shaggy again for the song, "Bring it To Me" which was featured on the "Dark Angel" television soundtrack.
In 2005, Samantha released a cover version of Animotion's hit song, "Obsession" which became quite successful and gained radio airplay.

Along with performing to sold out crowds, Samantha has also dabbled in modeling and acting. Reportedly, she is working on her second album, "Superwoman."
In 2010, Samantha's compliation album, "The Best of Samantha Cole" was released on Cleopatra Records. The album is available on iTunes.
During that same year, Samantha released cover versions of Roxette's "Listen to Your Heart" and Journey's "Don't Stop Believing which are also available on iTunes. She also married her fiance of 2 years, Anthony Sacchetti.
In 2011, Samantha released her cover version of LeAnn Rimes' song, "How Do I Live" which is also available on iTunes.

To see a video of Samantha performing "Happy With You" live, go to:

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