Friday, September 28, 2012

The Newtrons

The Newtrons were an R&B trio that consisted of the Newt brothers: twins Bobby & Ronnie and their younger brother, Johnny from San Francisco, California.

The boys' father is one-time San Francisco pimp, Ron Newt Sr. In 1989, after he escaped from a state prison where he was serving time for a weapons conviction, Ron negotiated a record contract with MCA Records for his sons.

In 1990, the Newtrons released their self-titled debut album which failed to make the Billboard charts at all.
The only single to chart was "My Heart Beats For You" which peaked at #46 on Billboard's Hot Black Singles chart, staying on the chart for 10 weeks.  
Another single, "Similar Attraction" failed to make the charts at all. A year later in 1991, Ron got into a dispute with the label and was arrested in the lobby of MCA Headquarters.

Sadly, during that same year, Ronnie was shot to death in a convenience store robbery in San Bernardino, California at the age of 16 after allegedly attempting to rob it as part of a gang initation.
In 1996, the Newtrons' last album, "A Long Time Coming" was released to little fanfare. It's unknown how or if the album ever made the charts.

Today, Bobby and Johnny continue to be active in the music business as singer-songwriters & producers. Johnny now goes under the name "J. Valentine" where he has an active solo career.

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ChristianIntrovert said...

Okay..I was in luv with this group as a young girl! I remember when Ronnie was shot to death..broke my heart. Thanks for posting this!

Dion Stanley said...

Ronnie,Bobby,and I all went to school together. Bobby was my best friend. I ways wondered what happened to Bobby,China Doll, and Jay. It would be nice to talk to my friend again.
Dion of Reno,Nv

Kyliea Oshun said...

Wow! Still talented and still has an angelic voice!