Monday, September 3, 2012

Buffalo Soldiers

Buffalo Soldiers were a hip-hop\rap duo from New York that consisted of the Jazz Man and the King of Swing. Not much information is given about them, but they were signed to Crew La Poo Records.

In 1990, the duo released their debut and only album, "Penny" which didn't appear to make the charts at all.
The first single released from the album, "Playing Your Game" peaked at #42 on Billboard's Hot R&B Singles chart in June of 1991, staying on the chart for 11 weeks.
The title song was released as a single, but didn't chart. After that, it seems as if Buffalo Soldiers have faded into obscurity.

To see a fan-made video for "Playing Your Game," go to:


Bj Wheela said...

appreciate the post. The song Playing Your Game" actually peak at #16 on the Billboard R&B charts and hit number one on black radio stations such as WEDR in Miami and WBLS in New York City. The single "Penny" also charted number one on rap charts nationwide and peaked at number four on BET's "Video Soul" weekly countdown of videos. thanks again for posting this song and keep up the great work with the blog.

McKenzie Moore said...

The label they were signed to was a joint venture between Luther Campbell and Larry Blackmon.