Friday, July 13, 2012

Love Twins

Love Twins were a short-lived R&B duo from the '80s that was founded by Rick Gianatos, who re-recorded several disco tracks by U.K. music producer, Ian Levine.
In 1981, Love Twins released their debut album "Temptation" on AVI Records. The first line-up for the album consisted of Elaine Hill and J.R. Colar.

Elaine provided backing vocals for artists such as Gloria Lynne, Brenda Russell and Randy Brown during the '70s. It's unknown how or if the album made much impact on the charts.
In 1982, they released their second album "On Fire" and the second line-up for the album consisted of Laurnea Wilkerson and Phil Gibson.

Laurnea portrayed the role of Dorothy in the road company of "The Wiz" and Phil did some sessions work in & around Los Angeles. The album didn't appear to make the charts at all.
The only single released from the album was "Miami Heatwave" which didn't appear to chart at all like the album.

After that, it seems as if Love Twins had faded into obscurity. These days, Laurnea has since reunited with Rick Ganatos.

To see the music video for "On Fire," go to:

To see the music video for "Miami Heatwave," go to:

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