Sunday, July 8, 2012


JV (born Jennifer Velarde from Downey, California) is a Mexican-American female rapper that started her music career in the 90's.
In 1994, JV released her debut album, "Nayba'Hood Queen" on Thump Records. Even though the album didn't make the Billboard charts, it was popular in states such as California, New Mexico, and Arizona.  
The two singles released from the album, the title song and "Back to Da Hood of Things" didn't make any impact on the charts at all.
In 1996, JV released her sophomore album, "It Gets No Reala," but due to lack of promotion from Thump Records, the album flopped and then JV left the record label.
In 2001, JV's compliation album, "Queen with The Most Hits" was released on EastSide Records, but didn't chart at all.

After leaving Thump Records, JV changed her name to "J-Bug" and in 2002, she released her third album, "Lady Bug" on Cash Flow Records, but it failed to make the charts at all.

Nothing much was heard from JV until late 2008, when she appeared as a guest MC on Lady Synful's mixtape, "The Resurection."

Now living in Whittier, California, JV appears to still be active in the music biz and continues to record new material.

To see the music video for "Naybahood Queen," go to:

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To see a fan-made video for "Daddy's Little Girl" (from her third album), go to: