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Tres were an R&B\pop\dance trio from Boston, Massachusetts that consisted of the Torres sisters: Glenda, Mari, and Neida. The girls were signed to Priority Records and in 1990, they released their only album, "Hold on To Your Dreams."
The first single, "I Can't Hang Any Longer" received some attention in clubs, but it's unknown how or if the single charted at all.

Their follow-up single, "Let Me Feel Your Body" peaked at #68 on Billboard's Hot R&B Singles chart, staying on the chart for 10 weeks.

Tres also released a Spanish version album called "Dejame Sentir Tu Amor." Priority Records didn't known how to promote Tres properly and they broke up soon after that.

According to the "Isle of Deserted Pop Stars," Mari Torres has become a radio personality and doing broadcast training. She is also putting together a group, but only she'll be behind the scenes as a writer & producer. It's unknown what Glenda and Neida are up to today.

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Eric Smith said...

YO! Rocc from KMC - I remember these sisters very well. We were Label mates at Priority back in the hey days and we got to hang with Tres a bit. They got a dope appearance on NWA's efil4zaggiN album "dont drink that wine". Hope you sisters are doing well!!!