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Gyrl were a female R&B group from the 90's that originally consisted of the Chilombo sisters: Jamila (born on November 18, 1983) & her older sister, Miyoko along with Paulette Maxwell (born on June 17, 1981 in Chicago, Illinois).

Miyoko and Jamila appeared in Prince's music video for his song "Diamonds & Pearls" when they were kids.

Miyoko was introduced to Chris Stokes (who was the manager for R&B group Immature at the time) by appearing in Immature's music video for "Da Munchies." Jamila and Miyoko met Paulette from being in the same dance class.

The girls became backup dancers for Immature and appeared in their videos "Constantly," the remix version for "Constantly" and "I Don't Mind." The group's original name was "Innocence" and was later changed to "Gyrl."
In 1995, Gyrl released their debut single, "Play Another Slow Jam" on Silas Records, which peaked at #74 on Billboard's Hot R&B Singles chart, staying on the chart for 6 weeks, but missed the Hot 100.

By 1996, Paulette left the group and new members Jeanae & Tai-Amber Woo turned the former trio into a quartet.
In 1997, Gyrl released their second single, "Get Your Groove On" (which was featured on the "B.A.P.S." movie soundtrack), peaked at #91 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #30 on Billboard's Hot R&B Singles chart, staying on the chart for 14 weeks, becoming their highest chart appearance to date.

After that, it appeared as if Gyrl faded into obscurity.

Paulette Maxwell appeared as a dancer on the UPN series, "One on One" and in the 2002 movie, "The Master of Disguise." She was a composer on the UPN\CW series, "All of Us." She now works as the CEO of Creative Soul Productions.

Tai-Amber Woo became a member of girl group, Nobody's Angel, but it is unknown what she is up to today.

Miyoko Chilombo appeared in Immature (who later changed their name to IMX)'s music video, "Beautiful." She now works as a stylist.

Jamila (who went under the name "Mila J") joined short-lived girl group, Dame Four in 2005. She appeared on Omarion's debut album on the track "Take it Off." In 2006, she recorded her solo album "Split Personality," but it was never released.

Jamila released three singles (which are available on iTunes): "Complete," "No More Complaining" and "Good Looking Out" (featuring former Immature\IMX member, Marques Houston).

The Chilombo girls' younger sister, Jhene is also a singer.

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