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Damaris (born Damaris Carbaugh on November 4, 1955 in New York City) was a female R&B singer from the '80s.

Damaris' mother was an evangelist and her father was a singer. As a baby, her parents moved to Cuba to serve as missionaries and later moved to Puerto Rico a year later. Damaris' childhood years were spent living between Puerto Rico and New York.

Damaris knew she wanted to sing since she was 11 years old. As a teenager, Damaris and her sisters sang together as a trio & traveled with their mother. When she was 15 years old, Damaris was asked to sign at a recording studio and she was soon in demand by producers & advertising agencies in New York.

Damaris has sung with many well-known artists in recording sessions along with performing vocals on numerous advertising jingles and commercials. In 1982, she won the American Song Festival Talent Search and got a record deal with CBS Records.
In January of 1984, Damaris released her self-titled debut album which didn't appear to chart at all on the Billboard charts.
Her cover version of Luther Vandross' song "You Stopped Loving Me" peaked at #79 on Billboard's Black Singles chart , staying on the chart for 4 weeks. Another single "What About My Love" was released, but failed to chart.

After that, nothing much was heard from Damaris and she seemingly faded into obscurity. These days, Damaris is still active in the music scene as a gospel singer. She has released more than 15 albums in that genre. She resides in Mt. Vernon, New York with her husband and has 2 grown children.

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