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Yasmin (born Yasmin Elvira Jacobsen on June 6, 1969 in Denmark) is a former female dance-pop singer from the early '90s.

Born to a Turkish father and a Faroese mother, Yasmin comes from Denmark, but she has also lived in the United States.
In 1991, Yasmin released her debut album "Slow" (in the U.S., it was released as self-titled). It's unknown how or if the album was successful.
She released her first single "Wanna Dance" which managed to peak on the Billboard Top 50 (according to the Isle of Deserted Pop Stars) and was successful in the dance clubs. The single even won a Danish Grammy Award.
Two more singles: "Sacrfice" and "Emotion (Turning Me Up)" were released, but failed to make any impact on the charts.
In 1993, Yasmin released her sophomore album "A Scent of Flowers" which was released only in Denmark and the Netherlands.

These days, Yasmin and her husband, Asger Steenholdt are now a duo jazz\soul\electronica music act called Aphrodesia.

To see a fan-made video for a remixed version of "Wanna Dance," go to:

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