Friday, January 21, 2011


Curio was an R&B trio that consisted of Rodney Shelton, Michael Williams, and Jake Hunter. Not much information is given about them, but they released one album on Motown Records.

In 1990, Curio released their one and only album, "Special Feeling." It's unknown how or if the album ever charted.
The first single "I Can't Stay" didn't appear to make the charts nor did the title song. After that, it seemed as if Curio had faded into obscurity.

To see the music video for "I Can't Stay," go to:

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Void Jumper said...

Hi there! Great info on your blog!!

I loved the Curio album; Motown seemed to randomly produce a load of albums from different groups of that ilk, such as "The Right Choice" etc. Curio really captured what never came to be in the mainstream, which was a 90s funk sound. Brilliant slowjam on the song "Special Feeling", too!

Keep up the good work! Ace blog!!

Jason Hanley said...

I actually use to live with Michael Williams in Charlotte N.C. in the mid 90s. He gave me refuge when I was struggling. Great human being, wish I could reconnect with him now I have my shit together..

JackieGlisten said...

Was watching "Another 48 Hours" and was trying to figure out which band was playing in the "hip" bar they went to. Checked IMDB and after some searching concluded that it was Curio. One of the guys is still involved in music -
@Jason Hanley - you may be able to track down Michael Williams through this dude.