Saturday, November 27, 2010

Charm One

Charm One was a hip-hop music act from the late 80s/early 90's. Not much information is given about them, but one of the members was DJ Coco Chanel.

In 1988,  Charm One released their first single "I Get Hype" on Motivation Records. It's unknown how or if the single was successful.
In 1990, Charm One released their second single "I Get Hype" on Sam Records. which also didn't chart. After that, it seemed as if they faded into obscurity.

These days, DJ Coco Chanel continues to deejay. She was on the BET Network show "Teen Summit" and also on the Hot97 radio station in New York.

To see a fan-made video for "Togetherness," go to:

To see a fan-made video for "I Get Hype," go to:

[updated on 07/31/13]

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Sunshyne said...

DJ Cocoa Chanel still dj's. She was on BET's Teen Summit back in the day. And she was on Hot97 in NY.