Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sir Nature Alexander

Sir Nature Alexander (from Atlanta, Georgia) is a singer, comopser and producer that started his career in the '80s.

He worked as a choreographer & dancer for Prince's movie "Purple Rain." He produced three gospel CD's, worked on an R&B project with Mocha Ya Ya (who was Prince's former personal assistant) called "Mocha Ya Ya Untamed."

Sir Nature Alexander even had his own television show called "Twin City Beats." He was also a well-known break-dance choreographer in Minneapolis. He starred in a few independent films and performed with other celebrities & artists such as Bill Cosby, Alexander O'Neal, Ray Charles, Roger Troutman and Weird Al Yankovich.
In 1985, Sir Nature Alexander released his only single "The Prep" on the Excelle Productions record label. It's unknown how or if the single made the charts.
In 1986, he released his only album "Who Amm I?" It's unknown how or if the album was ever successful.
After that, it seemed as if Sir Nature Alexander faded into obscurity.

These days, it appears as if he is still active in the music business performing Southern Soul music. In 2008, he released his second album "New Jack Blues."

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Reggie said...

I am a friend of Sir Nature Alexzander. He is still performing music under the same name. He is now performing Southern Soul music and you can find him at he is a very talented artist and I am honored to know him.

Reggie Sears
Soul and R&B recording artist