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S.H.E. was a female R&B trio consisting of Tyren Perry and her younger sisters Jaimee & Jania Foxworth. You might have already seen my post on Tyren Perry which is featured on the blog as well.

During their childhood, Tyren, Jaimee and Jania would always sing around the house together. When their family moved to Los Angeles, they booked gigs doing session work and performances for Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie's Children of the World project.

Jania and Tyren were even featured as backing vocalists on Quincy Jones' 1989 album "Back on the Block" on the song, "Tomorrow (A Better You, Better Me)" featuring Tevin Campbell.

Not only was Tyren an actress as well, so was her sister Jaimee who starred on "Family Matters" as Judy Winslow.  In 1993, Jaimee's character was written out and she was let go from the show after requesting a pay increase which the producers were unable to do & they didn't know what to do about her character anyway.

Jaimee did star on the show "Getting By," but the show was canceled after one season. Jania also acted in a few minor roles as well, but not as much as her sisters did. She even starred on the show "Amen" showing off her singing skills.

After their family put in so much for their daughters' careers, they went through some financial problems. The girls decided to form a group and start a music career together. The girls were noticed by Shaquille O'Neal, who featured them on his second album "You Can't Stop the Reign" in 1996.
During that same year, S.H.E. released their first single "My Secret Is" which got little attention. Despite that, they were able to release an album.
In 1997, they released their only album, "3's A Charm" which didn't appear to chart at all on the Billboard charts. The girls were also featured on the soundtrack to Shaq's movie "Steel."

Soon after, the girls were dropped from the label and remained out of the spotlight which had put a strain on their family and it was rumored they filed for bankruptcy.

Jaimee later went on a downward spiral, suffering from a substance abuse problem and started acting in pornography under the name "Crave."

In 2008, she was featured on Vh1's "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew" recovering from her substance abuse problem. After she appeared on the show, Jaimee got her act together and in May 2009, she gave birth to a baby boy.

During that same year, Jaimee was featured on TV One's "Life After" series. She is planning on releasing an autobiography.

Jania had done choreography for Shaquille O'Neal's shows and starred in the gospel play, "Treat Her Like a Lady" and starred in the movie, "Keepin' It Real." She has choreographed and provided background vocals for Heather Headley, even choreographing her music video, "He Is."

She starred on NBC's "Passions" as the singing voice of the character, Whitney. She also wrote a few songs with Emmy-award winning producer, John Henry and even toured South America.

In 2007, Jaina scored a dance hit with the Perry Twins called "Activate My Body." These days, she continues to be active in the entertainment business.

Tyren is now a member of the heavy metal group, Kai's Army and still acts.

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