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Petite was a teen female R&B group from the '80s that originally consisted of members Kenne (born Kennethia Pierce), Julia Roberson, Monica Boyd and Tisha Hunter.
In 1986, Petite released the single "So Fine" (a tribute to New Edition). The single managed to peak at #86 on Billboard's Hot Black Singles chart, staying on the chart for only 2 weeks.
During that same year, they released their only album "Teens." It's unknown how or if the album was successful.
They also had a rare single called "My First Kiss" (which featured members Michelle Weston, Tracey Delgado and Michelle Williams along with Kenne. It's unknown how well the single did.
By 1988, the group's name was changed to "Kenne and Petite" and released the single "What Is He To You." It's unknown how or if the single ever made the charts.

After that, they split up and had seemingly fallen into obscurity, but in 1991, Tisha Hunter, Monica Boyd, and Julia Roberson went on to form girl group, Ex-Girlfriend (which is also featured on the blog), and ended up having moderate success on the charts.

Ex-Girlfriend lasted until 1995, but reunited in 2008 for a new album. Since then, there has been no word about the project.

In 2011, Stacy Francis was a contestant on "The X-Factor," but was eliminated in the fourth week. She appears to have gone solo.

These days, Kenne (now Kemet Jacobs) ia a member of Durham's Black Poetry Theater.

To see the music video for "So Fine," go to:

To see a fan-made video for "My First Kiss," go to:

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Hamza Hogan said...

Kennethia Pierce now Kemet Jacobs not Kimberly Davis. She stil sangs...

D. sheree said...

i loved every song on that tape.. but I cant find it!!