Friday, October 15, 2010


Mercedes (born Raquel Miller in 1978 in New Orleans, Louisiana) was a female rapper who was signed to rapper Master P's No Limit Records label.

She grew up in Detroit and attended the High School for The Fine and Performing Arts and participating in the Brazeal Dennard Youth Chorale.

Mercedes was studying music at Xavier University when Master P. caught her attention at a talent show and she was signed to the label. She was one the rappers featured on his song "I Miss My Homies" in 1997.
In 1999, Mercedes released her one and only album "Rear End" which peaked at #72 on the Billboard 200 chart and #12 on Billboard's R&B Albums chart.
Mercedes scored a minor hit with "It's Your Thing" which peaked at #96 on the Billboard Hot 100, #4 on Billboard's Hot Rap Singles chart, and #31 on Billboard's Hot R&B Singles & Tracks chart, staying on the chart for 14 weeks.

After that, Mercedes reportedly retired from the music business to attend law school. Since then, nothing much has been heard from her and she has seemed to have faded into obscurity.

To see the music video for "It's Your Thing," go to:

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