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Voyceboxing was a female R&B trio from the early '90s that consisted of members Tina Harris (from England), Candy Bell (from New York) and Jean McClain (born on March 8, 1953 from Indiana).

Tina moved from England to Los Angeles with her parents. When she was 19 years old, Tina stole phone numbers of people from the music industry from her hairdresser's phone book. She cold-called them and managed to gain interest from legendary drummer & producer Lenny White.
Lenny helped Tina with her demo and in 1985, she signed an EP deal with Shenachie Records. Tina released the EP "I Must Not Be Kinky." Even though it was hugely successful, it was somewhat of an underground hit.

Lenny liked Tina's speaking voice so much, he asked to record the lead vocal for Tech & The EFFX's song "Perfect Match" which was featured on the "School Daze" movie soundtrack in 1988. Lenny and Tina continued writing music together.

Since they had a good relationship, Tina and Lenny decided to form Voyceboxing with Lenny producing and they chose two session singers Candy and Jean to join Tina in the group.
In 1991, Voyceboxing released their self-titled debut album which didn't appear to chart at all on the Billboard 200 chart.
They released their only single "Pain" which peaked at #54 on Billboard's Hot R&B Singles chart, staying on the chart for 8 weeks. After that, it seemed as if Voyceboxing faded into obscurity.

Jean (now Pepper MaShay) went on to have a moderately successful solo career in dance music. These days, Pepper is currently touring with House's Hugh Laurie as a member of his band "Hugh Laurie & the Copper Bottom Band" and recording songs for a working title called "Requiem for A Heavy Weight."

Tina continued to work as a songwriter. She moved to New York and later Europe where she became an in-demand international pop music songwriter, writing songs for artists such as Jamelia, Koda Kumi, Lemar, Sertab, Tarkan, Terri Nunn and French Pop Idol Christophe Willem. These days, it appears as if Tina is still active in the music business and also works as a copywriter.

Candy provided vocals on albums for artists such as Lisa Lisa and Lenny White in the mid-'90s, but it is unknown what she is up to today.

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