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Shades was a female R&B group from the 90's that consisted of members Monique Peoples, Danielle Andrews, Shannon Walker Williams and Tiffanie Cardwell. They started singing when they were kids and even sang in church choirs.

Before her music career took off, Monique worked as a hairdresser and sang karaoke. Danielle sang with a band called Brand New Flavor.

Shades met while attending Boston's Northeastern University and were originally signed to Atlantic Records, which didn't work out.

Soon after, Shades was signed to the legendary Motown Records. They opened up for Montell Jordan and Salt 'N' Pepa, and also contributed to the Whoopi Goldberg movie soundtrack "The Associate." They presented at the Soul Train Music Awards and appeared on BET.

They even performed at the Whaling City Festival in 1997 and at Impact's Super Summit XI concert along with performing in cities such as Las Vegas and Providence, Rhode Island.
In 1996, Shades released their first single "Tell Me (I'll Be Around)" which peaked at #50 on the Billboard Hot 100, #34 on Billboard's Hot R&B Singles chart, staying on the chart for 20 weeks and #19 on Billboard's Rhythmic Top 40 chart. The song is their highest chart appearance on the Hot 100 to date.
A year later in 1997, Shades released their self-titled debut album which didn't appear to chart at all on the Billboard 200.
The follow-up single "Serenade" peaked at #88 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #28 on Billboard's Rhythmic Top 40 chart. It didn't appear on the R&B charts at all.
A promotional single "I Believe" was released, but didn't chart. After that, it seemed as if Shades had faded into obscurity.

These days, Danielle Andrews continues to sing. She is in a band called the Rockwells and sang back-up for Enrique Iglesias after the group broke up. She also toured with artists such as Whitney Houston, Destiny's Child, Bon Jovi and Lenny Kravitz.

Monique Peoples (now Monique Peoples-Graham) hosts an online radio show called "Lipstick and High Heels" on hurricane radio.net and continues to work as a hairdresser in Newport, Rhode Island. She used to be in a band called Deney Terrio's Dance Party.

Shannon Walker Williams pursued acting. In 2004, she married Boston Celtics basketball guard Ray Allen and has two sons. Tiffanie Cardwell is a writer.

To see the music video for "Tell Me (I'll Be Around)," go to:

To see the music video for "Serenade," go to:

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ManeMaster said...

Hi KyLeigh,
Thanks for the love! We appreciate it after all these years.
As you stated Shannon is married, Danielle is in a new band The Rockwells, Tiffanie is still writing, and I was in a band until last year, Deney Terrio's dance party.
I am also married (10 years) and host an online radio show called Lipstick & High Heels on hurricane radio.net, and im still doing hair in Newport, RI with longtime friend and stylist Frank Barbosa.
Thanks again for the love!
Monique Peoples-Graham

Terence Ho said...

Shades was popular in Hawaii radio because of the song "Eventually." It is a beautiful song and I'm pretty sure it would had gave them some boost needed had they released that song as one of their singles. I remembered them because of this song.I ordered their album somewhere in early 2000's. Too bad they were gone by then.

Jim "Da Tsunami" McCoy said...

Wow, definitely remember this group (had to buy their CD twice, cause one got stolen). Still a fav in my 90's collection.