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Joi was an R&B group from the early '90s that consisted of members Vonda (from Austin, Texas), Kristi (from Texas), Teresa (from LaMarque, Texas), Kimberly (from Crosby, Texas) and Khimberli (spelled differently, by the way; from Houston, Texas).

The girls met during auditions for the group in Houston.
In 1993, Joi released their debut album, "Joystick." It's unknown how or if the album ever charted at all.

Only one single, "Baby I Love You" was released, but it's unknown how or if the single charted at all on the Billboard charts.

The album also included a cover version of Aretha Franklin's "(You Make Me Feel) Like a Natural Woman."

After that, it seemed as if Joi had faded into obscurity, but according a comment from the "Isle of Deserted Pop Stars" from Joi member, Kristi, she works as a school counselor, has sung background vocals for UGK (Pink Ring) and won second place in a Budweiser Superfest Singing Competition. She still sings every now and then.

Vonda works as a school principal and sings every now & then with her mother, who sings in a band all over Houston. Kim works as a beautician and Khimberly works as an adminstrative assistant.

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steve said...

Joi Got picked up for a release in the uk , four cuts were remixed from the album & were released on a 12" E.P by "Old English Records " in 1995 !

ronster211 said...

I came across a Joi 12" on Revolution Records #rev 20300.
Song title " I'm The Kinda Girl" I'm at ends trying to find out why it's press date is 1992 when her debut came out in 1993-94. any help with this?