Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Around the Way

Around the Way were an R&B\hip-hop trio  that consisted of members Michael Anthony Bertot, Ileana "Lena" Fraticelli and Kashu "Kash" Myles.

Not much information is given on them, but Lena was a part of a freestyle\dance female trio called Solid. They released only one single "Loving You" in 1988.
In 1993, Around the Way released their debut album "Smooth is the Way" which didn't appear to chart on the Billboard 200 chart.
The trio's only chart appearance was with the song "Really Into You" which peaked at #89 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song sampled Grover Washington Jr. and Bill Withers' R&B hit song, "Just the Two of Us."
The follow-up single from the album "Way Back When" was released, but didn't chart at all. After that, it seemed as if the trio faded into obscurity.

Michael Bertot did some production and appeared on a few freestyle\dance music singles and compliation albums. It's unknown what Lena Fraticelli and Kash Myles are up to these days.

To see a fan-made video for "Really into You," go to:

To see the music video for "Way Back When," go to:

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Sybastian said...

Thank You So Much For Posting This Information About "Around The Way - Really Into You". Everyone That I Talked To Was Lost About The Song and Trying To Find It On Line Was Taking Forever. But Your Info Popped Up and That Was It!

I Tried Searching 90's Song That Sampled Just The Two Of Us Or Duet Minor Hit and Nothing. I Found About 25 Songs or More That Sampled "JTTOU" In The 90's and Non Were Around The Way.

Again Thank You For The Info and Putting Years Of Searching To A Stop. Many Blessings.