Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Maureen Steele

Maureen Steele was a female singer from the 80's. In 1979, she moved to Southern California to start a singing career.
In 1984, Maureen released the single, "Boys Will Be Boys." The song was featured on The Flamingo Kid movie soundtrack. The song managed to peak at #18 on Billboard's Hot Dance Music\Club Play chart by 1985.
During that same year, Maureen released her only album, "Nature of the Beast." It's unknown how or if it ever charted.
Maureen's biggest hit to date "Save the Night For Me" which peaked at #77 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. In 1986, she released the single "One More Saturday Night," but it's unknown how or if it charted at all. Maureen appeared on Apollonia's 1988 album and after that, she started a family.

In 1989, Maureen went into real estate where she still works today. According to "The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars" blog, she now goes by the name Maureen Steele-Volante and continues to work in real estate in California with her husband.

To see Maureen and her husband, Mike's real estate website, go to:

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