Friday, June 11, 2010

Fizzy Qwick

Fizzy Qwick (born Debravon Lewis on February 9, 1953 in Solano County, California) is a female musician\songwriter who has recorded music in different styles from R&B to New Wave music.

Debravon grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and started recording music under her own name either solo or as a member of R&B group, Bridge. She also contributed to the group as a songwriter. In 1981, she released the single, "The Little Things (That Keep Me Lovin' You)."

In the early 80's, Debravon started a new wave trio called Tiggi Clay (which'll be another blog entry after this one) and adopted the name "Fizzy Qwick." Tiggi Clay managed to chart on the Billboard charts in 1984, but they soon disbanded.
Two years later in 1986, Fizzy released her self-titled debut album on Motown Records. The first single, "Hangin' Out" was a Billboard "Pick of the Week," but it failed to generate any success on the charts.
The follow-up single, "You Want It Your Way, Always" also failed to chart, only receiving regional airplay. After that, nothing much was heard from Fizzy Qwick and seemed to have faded into obscurity.

In 2000, UK record label, First Experience Records released the CD, "Crying for Love" which included demo recordings of the R&B group, Bridge (where Fizzy was a member back in the day). Most recently, Fizzy has written music for female singer, U.Niq.

To see a fan-made music video for "The Little Things (That Keep Me Lovin' You)" under Fizzy's real name, Debravon Lewis, go to:

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