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Jill Jones

Jill Jones (born on July 11, 1962 in Ohio) is a female singer\songwriter and one of Prince's protege musicians. She has also contributed backup vocals to a lot of musicians back in the 80's.

Jill started singing when she was 15 years old as a backup vocalist for her cousin, singer Teena Marie. In 1980, when she was 18 years old, Jill met Prince when Teena Marie was the opening act of his "Dirty Mind" concert tour. Prince was infatuated with her voice and encouraged her to sing.

Jill became Prince's backup vocalist when he invited her to sing backing vocals for Prince's album "1999." She was also featured in Prince's music videos for "Little Red Corvette" and "1999." After joining Prince's "1999" concert tour, Jill relocated to Minneapolis, becoming Prince's on & off again girlfriend.
In 1987, Jill released her self-titled debut album on Prince's Paisley Park Records label. The album didn't chart, but it received positive reviews.
Jill's first single "Mia Bocca" was released, but it failed to chart at all on the Billboard charts.
The follow-up singles from the album "G-Spot" and "For Love" were released, but didn't make the charts at all. After that, Jill recorded several demos for a second album, but it never materialized. A music video, "Boom Boom" was filmed, but never released.
In 1993, Jill released the single "Bald" on Flying Records. She contributed music to various artists such as Lisa Lisa, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Chic.

Jill had a falling out with Prince which ended her tenure at Paisley Park Records, leaving her with no record contract. After giving birth to her daughter, her mother died of cancer. Her marriage ended and at one point, she ended up in the hospital with a blood clot in her heart. By the end of the 90's, she re-emerged back into the music scene.
In 2001 Jill's second album "Two" was released on the Dav Music record label Even though Prince contributed a lot to her first album, he put no input into her second album.
In 2004, she released her third album "Wasted" featuring the Grand Royals on the Peace Bisquit record label.
In 2009, she released the single "Living For the Weekend" which is available as a digital download on iTunes.
These days, Jill continues to be active in the music business and in 2016, she released her fifth album "I Am".

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