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S.O.A.P. were a female pop duo from Denmark consisting of sisters Heidi (born on October 18, 1979 in Kamplar, Malaysia) and Saseline "Line" Sorensen (born on July 26, 1982 in Perak, Malaysia).

Heidi met music producer Remee when she interviewed him for the youth magazine that she worked for. Her father (who accompanied her to the interview) mentioned to Remee that his daughter was a singer.

Remee asked Heidi to sing on a solo album with him, but Heidi stated that she wouldn't do anything without her sister, Saseline and Remee ended up withdrawing his offer. A year later, he approached the girls, wanting to produce an album with both of them.

Heidi and Saseline came up with the name "S.O.A.P." because they thought it was fun, even though it didn't stand for anything.
In March of 1998, the sisters released their debut album "Not Like Other Girls" on Sony Music. It was released in the United States in May as a self-titled album on Mariah Carey's short-lived record label, Crave Records.

The album peaked at #2 in Finland, #3 in Denmark, #32 in New Zealand, #40 in Sweden, but didn't appear to chart in the United States.
Their first single, "This is How We Party" became one of their biggest hit to date, topping the chart in Sweden, becoming moderately successful internationally, and in the US, it managed to chart at #51 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #21 on Billboard's Top 40 Mainstream chart.
S.O.A.P.'s follow-up single, "Ladidi Ladida" peaked at #15 in Australia, #28 in France, #8 in New Zealand and #58 in Sweden.
The last single from the album, the title song failed to chart at all in the US or internationally. In 2000, S.O.A.P. were picked by Australian music duo Savage Garden to be the opening act for their European Tour and they also toured with the Backstreet Boys.
During that same year, S.O.A.P. released their sophomore album, "Miracle" which peaked at #20 in Denmark.
The first single from the album, "Mr. DJ" failed to chart and the last single, "S.O.A.P. is In the Air" only managed to peak at #25 in Sweden. In 2002, the duo disbanded.

These days, the Sorensen sisters continue to have active careers in the entertainment business; Saseline worked as a television host and in 2010, she released her solo album "Restart." She is also the mother of two sons.

After S.O.A.P. broke up, Heidi took a break from the music business and trained to become a tattoo artist while learning to write her own music. She has recorded music as a solo artist under the name Suriya. In 2012, her song "Forever I B Young" was chosen as a wildcard entry for the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix

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