Friday, January 8, 2010


Meg was a female freestyle\dance singer from the late 80s\early 90s. Not much information is given on this singer, but she was signed to Musicworks Records.
In 1988, Meg released her first single, "Dance All Nite" which was released on Musicworks Records. It's unknown how or if the single ever charted.
A year later in 1989, Meg released her second single, "Lover Girl" which also didn't appear to chart at all on the Billboard charts.
In 1991, Meg released her debut album, "Lover Girl" which featured the title song, "Dance All Nite," and two more singles: "Give Me Your Love" and "Party Time."
Meg's last musical release was in 1994 with the single, "The Music." After that, it seemed as if she faded into obscurity.

To see a fan-made video for "Lover Girl," go to:

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Robin Fox said...

I was signed to the same label as this singer, I had seen her in concert. Later Pitbull joined after me. It's not the artist fault and I don't blame myself. I'll give you a hint..the artist doesn't always get their fair share.