Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jimmy Ray

Jimmy Ray (born on October 3, 1970 in London, England) is a pop\rock musician from the mid-90's. He was influenced by Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, and Tommy Steele.

Jimmy's manager was Simon Fuller (who managed the Spice Girls and produced the hit reality show, "American Idol").

He started his music career as one half of the techno-pop group, AV (or Alternative Vision) who released a few moderately successful techno hits during the early 90's. After that, Jimmy went on to pursue a solo career.
In 1998, Jimmy released his self-titled debut album which peaked at #112 on the Billboard 200 and #2 on Billboard's Heatseekers albums chart.
Jimmy's biggest hit single to date, "Are You Jimmy Ray?" peaked at #13 on the Billboard Hot 100, #25 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart, #10 on Billboard's Top 40 Mainstream chart, and #42 on Billboard's Hot Dance Music\Maxi-Singles Sales chart.
The follow-up single from the album, "Goin' To Vegas" flopped, peaking only at #47 on the UK Singles chart. Although a video was made for the single, it was never released in the US.
In the summer of 1998, Jimmy went on tour in the US with Backstreet Boys and during that fall, he released his third single, "I Got Rolled" which also flopped.

After that, it seemed as if Jimmy faded into obscurity, but in 2009, he became a member of the Airplayers song production team.

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RPMG said...

I don't understand why his album didn't make a stronger impact. There's so much art in his music, and it was so different to the music produced by then. I live in the Dominican Republic and I immediately went to the store for my CD when they arrived here back in 1998. I admit I became a fan hooked by these blues/rock tunes, and I still enjoy these songs very often.

Unknown said...

He was very cute & shaggable.