Sunday, November 8, 2009

Double Action Theatre

Double Action Theatre were an R&B group from Los Angeles, California that consisted of Isaias Gamboa, Robert Goins, Crabill Williams and D.J. Bookquam.

At the age of 17, Isaias was discovered by music producer Leon Sylvers III and during his teen years, he signed to Arista Records and later signed to Polydor Records with the group.
In 1992, the group released their self-titled debut album which didn't chart at all on the Billboard 200 or R&B charts. 
The group's only single released from the album was "Something Special" which peaked at #78 on Billboard's Hot R&B Singles chart, staying on the chart for only 4 weeks.

After that, it seemed as if the group faded into obscurity, but Isaias Gamboa has been songwriting and publishing music for 30 years.

He is the founder & president of the We Shall Overcome Foundation & The Brother and Sisterhood of Minority Tradesmen. It is unknown what the other members of the group are up to today.

To see the music video for "Something Special," go to:

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