Friday, October 16, 2009

Bert Robinson

Bert Robinson (born in Detroit, Michigan) was an R&B singer from the mid-80's. It seemed as if he was going to be a success in the R&B department, but unfortunately, his success was short-lived.
In 1987, Bert released his debut album, "No More Cold Nights" which peaked at #35 on Billboard's R&B Albums chart.
Bert's most successful single to date was "Heart of Gold" which peaked at #5 on Billboard's Hot Black Singles chart, staying on the chart for 15 weeks.
The follow-up single, "Won't You Be My Lady" didn't reach the same success as Bert's previous single. Bert was also on Peggi Blu's album, "Blu Blowin" on the song, "All The Way To Love."
In 1989, Bert released his sophomore album, "I Promise You Love" which failed to chart at all on the Billboard charts and the only single released, "Occupy My Love" also flopped. After that, it seemed that Bert has faded into obscurity.

To see a fan-made music video for "Heart of Gold," go to:

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Lawrence Letsoalo said...

Bert Robinson had a wonderful and powerful voice which made his music unique,the kind of music he sang is very rare and obscure indeed.His my favourite artist because of his powerful voice and singing style.

smalltown30427 said...

The rich and mature quality of Bert Robinson's voice is commanding, controlled, distinct, and unique. Each of his CDs can be purchased "new" from a foreign vendor listed on for under $10 US dollars.
I would like to know if Robinson is alive or if his reported death is true. Information on this would be welcomed.
Columbus, GA