Saturday, May 30, 2009

MC Trouble

MC Trouble (born LaTasha Sheron Rogers on July 30, 1970 in Los Angeles, California) was a female rap artist in the early 90s whose rising career came to an adrupt end at a young age.

After signing to Motown Records, MC Trouble released her debut album, "Gotta Get a Grip" in 1990 which peaked at #94 on Billboard's R&B Albums chart.

The album sold 82,000 units after the 1991 launch of the Nielsen Soundscan.
Her first single, "I Wanna Make You Mine" peaked at #15 on Billboard's Hot Rap Singles chart. The song featured Motown labelmates, The Good Girls.
Her second single, "Gotta Get a Grip" showed a more hardcore mix of rap and commercial R&B, but didn't appear to make the charts.

On June 4, 1991, while she was production for her follow-up album, MC Trouble passed away in her sleep at the young age of 20 while at a friend's Los Angeles residence after suffering from an epileptic seizure brought on by complications from a brain tumor which resulted in heart failure.

In 1992, the single, "Big Ole Jazz" was released posthumously and appeared on the "House Party 2" soundtrack, resulting in a a second and final hit on Billboard's Hot Rap Singles charts.

MC Trouble's death made quite an impact in the hip-hop scene and she earned shoutouts from A Tribe Called Quest's member Q-Tip and rapper Nefertiti (with the song "Trouble in Paradise" that was dedicated to the late female rapper).

MC Trouble will be missed and never forgotten.

To see the music video for "I Wanna Make You Mine," go to:

To see the music video for "Gotta Get A Grip," go to:

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Hanz said...

It's too bad she had to die so young. She was only 20. R.I.P. MC Trouble!

Zalena Skye said...

West Coast Original First Lady Of Rap MC Trouble. I will never forget her she was versatile not just a rapper, writer,producer, dancer and hip hop activist. Love You Trouble R.I.P.