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Body was a female R&B trio from Detroit, Michigan that consisted of the Body sisters: Letitia, Peggy and Francina. Letitia and Francina provided vocals on jazz singer Betty Lou Landreth's 1979 album, "Betty Lou."
In 1987, Body released their self-titled debut album on MCA Records. The album didn't appear to make the charts at all.
The two singles released from the album, "Middle of the Night" and "Possession" didn't appear to make the charts either. During that same year, they were featured on jazz musician George Howard's 1987 album, "A Nice Place to Be" on the track "Sweetest Taboo."
In 1990, Body released their second album, "Easy to Love" which also didn't appear to make the charts.
The first single from the album, "Footsteps in the Dark" peaked at #15 on Billboard's Hot Black Singles chart, staying on the chart for 17 weeks.
The follow-up single from the album, "Touch Me Up" peaked at #12 on Billboard's Hot Black Singles chart, staying on the chart for 16 weeks.
The last single, "Body" was released, but didn't chart at all. In 1990, the trio appeared on Keisha Jackson's second album, "Keisha" on the track "Call Me" in which Letitia was credited as one of the writers on the song.

In 1993, Letitia was featured on Keith Washington's 1993 album, "You Make it Easy" on the track "Let Me Make Love To You."

These days, it seems as if Body has faded into obscurity. Nothing much has been heard from them since the '90s.

To see the music video for "Middle of the Night," go to:

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Saulo Were said...

I just love this group. I don't understand how they didn't go far in their career. What's sad is that getting their music is so difficult. There's very little on youtube so that doesn't help much.

CC said...

I absolutely love Body. Especially the Easy to Love album!

Chapelle Hooks said...

They are great singers.. Actually they are my relatives on my mom's side.. They used to send my mom all kind of pictures.. When they sang with Stevie Wonder, they sent the pictures to my mom too.. Yes they were underrated..