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After hearing about this group from the good people of Milk Carton Pop Stars, I decided to do my own little investigation about this hip-hop girl group of the late 80s and early 90s.

L'Trimm were a teen female Miami bass\hip-hop duo from Kendall, Florida that consisted of members Lady Tigra (born Rachel de Rougemount) and Bunny D. (born Elana Cager).

The girls met in high school and regularly attended a teen dance club called Skylight Express, which featured hip-hop and Miami Bass music and artists. They were featured dancers on the syndicated television show, "Miami Teen Express."

Lady Tigra was an amateur graffiti artist and break-dancer who wrote rhymes while Bunny D. was a classically trained dancer and performer who also wrote hip-hop lyrics.

One afternoon, the girls went into a recording booth at Hot Productions Studios and began rhyming just for fun. Paul Klein (who worked at Hot Productions) discovered the girls and employed producer Larry Davis to construct some hook-oriented tracks for the duo around the girls' pre-written rhymes.

Lady Tigra was 16 years old and Bunny was 17 years old when they signed with the Hot Productions record label. The duo took their name from a then-popular brand of blue jeans called Trim and added the L'-prefix to give it a French feel.
In 1988, L'Trimm released their debut album, "Grab It" which peaked at #132 on the Billboard 200 and #55 on Billboard's R&B Albums chart.
Their first charting single, "Cars With the Boom" peaked at #54 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #39 on Billboard's Hot Black Singles chart, staying on the chart for 11 weeks. Due to the success of the single, Atlantic Records picked up the duo's first album and signed a deal to distribute their second album.
The follow-up single, "Cuttie Pie" peaked at #54 on Billboard's Hot Black Singles chart, staying on the chart for 9 weeks.
In 1989, L'Trimm released their sophomore album, "Drop that Bottom" which didn't generate a lot of success.
The duo was working on their third album, "Groovy," but due to creative conflicts and the duo being dissatisfied with their contract, they left the recording sessions which forced Hot Productions to continue creating the album without their input.

The album was released in 1991 and sold poorly. After being unable to score another hit, L'Trimm broke up.

These days, Bunny D. is married with four children. She has been working as nurse for 20 years along with designing a clothing line & having a series of children's books.

Lady Tigra later moved to New York City where she managed nightclubs. In 2008, she released her first solo album "Please Mr. Boombox." She also performed the jingle on the website for Pinkberry and appeared on the Nickelodeon children's television series "Yo Gabba Gabba."

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bomitoni said...

bomitoni from milkcartonpopstars...thanks for visiting! i've been reading your blog too! btw lady tigra's album did come out, you can get it on itunes or physical copies via it's fun!

Kyleigh said...

L'Trimm's "Cars With The Boom" was featured on VH1's 100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs.

When it airs again on VH1, keep your eyes open for them.

Jahlaune said...

I loved this group as a kid. Even though now when I listen they wee more than corny but they were hott in their day