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Genobia Jeter

Genobia Jeter (born in Washington, D.C.) was a female R&B\gospel singer who started out singing in church. She is the niece of legendary gospel singer Reverend Julius Cheeks and the cousin of disco singer Julie Cheeks.

Genobia made her recording debut in the late 70s as a guest on a live album recorded with her church choir and uncle.

She later met R&B singer, Glenn Jones (who would later become her husband), who was singing gospel music with his group, The Modulations at the time & were signed to Savoy Records. The two of them went on tour together with Genobia's uncle and they later started dating.
In 1979, Genobia released her first gospel album "Heaven." She scored success with the song "Master I Know You Can" which received national radio play in 1980.

The success of her debut album lead to a second album "Things Have Got to Get Better." Many of the songs from the album were written by her. Glenn Jones and his music group were backup singers on Genobia's national gospel music tours.

After Glenn left Savoy Records in 1983 and signed with RCA Records, Genobia was featured on his debut album "Everybody Loves a Winner" on the songs "Keep on Doin'" and "I Am Somebody."

She did several tours with Glenn and his band. Her vocals on the song "Keep on Doin'" led to her signing to RCA Records as well.
In 1986, Genobia released her debut R&B album "Genobia" which didn't appear to make the Billboard charts at all.
Her first single "All of My Love" peaked at #30 on Billboard's Hot Black Singles chart, staying on the chart for 12 weeks.
The follow-up single "Together" (featuring Glenn Jones) peaked at #42 on Billboard's Black Singles chart, staying on the chart for 10 weeks.

After that, nothing much was heard from Genobia and it appeared as if she faded into obscurity. According to a comment I received back in 2008, she was planning on releasing a new gospel album, but nothing much has been heard about it since.

These days, it seems as if Genobia has faded into obscurity once again.

To see the music video for "Together," go to:

To see a video of Genobia performing "All of My Love" on "Soul Train," go to:

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Genobia Jeter said...

April 12, 2008

Genobia Jeter is in the studio as we speak working on a new inspirational CD to be released late July 2008. The CD is prouced by her husband, Glenn Jones.

You can get more info now from
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Kyleigh said...

Thank you so much! When I was doing my research, I haven't heard what she's been doing lately. I am very happy.

Thanks a lot!!